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Tourist Visa Holder Deported for Illegally Selling Property in Bali



Tourist Visa Holder Deported for Illegally Selling Property in Bali

Tourist Visa Holder Deported for Illegally Selling Property in Bali. In a recent development, a foreign national has been deported from Bali due to violations related to their tourist visa status. The individual, referred to as PB, misused their tourist stay permit by engaging in property marketing activities on the island of Bali. The head of the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, Sugito, provided insights into this deportation process. check visa news now.

Deportation Process

PB’s deportation was executed by the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office through the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport on Monday, August 28, 2023. Sugito shared this information on Tuesday, August 29, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the deportation.

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Travel Details

The foreign national was flown out of the country via I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport using Qatar Airways flight QR963, which was bound for Denpasar-Doha. Subsequently, the journey continued with Qatar Airways flight QR339, heading from Doha to Zagreb.

Engaging in Unauthorized Activities

PB had been reportedly involved in selling properties, a fact that was brought to the attention of authorities by concerned members of the public. As part of an immigration patrol, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Team (Inteldakim) apprehended the individual.

Breach of Residence Permit

Upon thorough investigation and analysis of available evidence, it was confirmed that PB had misused their residence permit. Despite holding a visit residence permit, the foreign national had ventured into property marketing activities, which were outside the scope of their authorized stay.

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Entry Details and Validity

PB’s entry into Indonesia took place on June 25, 2023, through the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The foreign national utilized a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for this entry. The validity of PB’s residence permit extended until August 23, 2023.

The case highlights the importance of adhering to the terms and conditions of one’s visa and residence permit while staying in a foreign country. Infringing upon the limitations of a tourist visa by engaging in unauthorized commercial activities can lead to serious consequences, including deportation, as evidenced by this recent incident.


In a clear demonstration of the consequences of misusing a tourist visa, a foreign individual has been deported from Bali for engaging in unauthorized property marketing activities. The case underscores the necessity of respecting visa conditions while in a foreign country. This incident serves as a reminder to all travelers to abide by the legal parameters of their stay, avoiding actions that could lead to similar outcomes.

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Qatar Secures 3rd Position in Schengen Visa Applications per Resident Ranking




Qatar Secures 3rd Position in Schengen Visa Applications per Resident Ranking

Qatar Secures 3rd Position in Schengen Visa Applications per Resident Ranking. Qatar has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the third spot in the list of nations with the highest Schengen visa applications per resident, as reported by Schengen

The year 2022 witnessed a significant surge in visa requests, underscoring the strong yearning among citizens of various countries to transcend borders. Notably, Kuwait, Qatar, and Kosovo emerged as standout nations in this regard. check Qatar visa latest news.

Leading the Visa Application Surge

Data analysis highlights that nationals from Kuwait, Qatar, and Kosovo spearheaded the surge in visa applications on a per-person basis. Impressively, among every 100,000 individuals, 6,891 residents of Kosovo, 3,426 citizens of Kuwait, and 2,939 individuals from Qatar sought Schengen visas.

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Qatar Engagement with Schengen Visas

Within the framework of Schengen data, the statistics reveal that 79,859 Qataris initiated applications for uniform visas, while multiple entry visas were pursued by 53,870 applicants. It’s worth noting that Qatar has a total population of nearly 3 million people, and approximately 2.9% of its population expressed their interest in obtaining a Schengen visa.

Visa Distribution in Qatar

Analyzing the data closely, Qatar demonstrates a pronounced inclination towards multiple-entry visas (MEVs), constituting 98.9% of the issued visas. However, a minor proportion of uniform visas, accounting for 11.1%, were not granted. The data further shows that only 325 out of every 100,000 individuals in Qatar were recipients of Schengen visas.

International Mobility and Schengen Regulations

The privilege of multiple-entry visas allows bearers to traverse the Schengen region freely, adhering to the 90/180 day rule. This flexibility permits multiple entries and exits at the bearer’s discretion.

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Qatar Position in the Visa Application Spectrum

Qatar’s achievement of the third spot in the list of countries with the highest Schengen visa applications per resident is noteworthy. Among the other seven nations trailing Qatar in this list are Capo Verde (2,935), Suriname (2,726), Armenia (2,232), the United Arab Emirates (1,966), Lebanon (1,853), Tunisia (1,351), and Bahrain (1,307).

Global Standing and Regional Engagement

Overall, Qatar secured the 24th position with a total of 79,859 Schengen visa applications. Kuwait secured the 14th position in the same ranking. In contrast, countries like Turkey, South Africa, and India outperformed with more than 500,000 applications each, placing them at the zenith of the overall applications list.

Unveiling the Travel Enthusiasm

The surge in visa applications during 2022 mirrors the eagerness of Qatar and its counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council to partake in international travel. This eagerness to secure visas underscores the population’s aspiration to explore, engage, and connect with the global community, as reported by

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In the vibrant landscape of Schengen visa applications, Qatar’s impressive rank underscores its citizens’ eagerness for international exploration. The surge of applications in 2022 reflects a global yearning for connection and travel, echoing Qatar’s determination to engage with the world. As borders blur, Qatar stands as a testament to the spirit of discovery and interaction on a global scale.

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